Skype away on your PlayStation Vita

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Sony is determined to have the PlayStation Vita be somewhat more than just a handheld gaming device and rather be a general entertainment unit.

When it launched it came with Facebook, Twitter, 4Square and Flickr applications. In the coming weeks we’re getting fun little clocks to go with the new painting app, Paint Park. The biggest non-gaming application to hit the console so far, though, is definitely Skype.

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Available for download through the PSN now in PAL territories, the application can run in the background, so players can seamlessly jump into and out of it, which means they won’t miss a call while playing another game. Naturally, it uses the internal and external Vita cameras, allowing users to make videocalls while on the go.

This is a useful little feature. Though it’s not going to replace the value of having a smartphone while out and about, people like to use Skype for a reason, and the Vita can only benefit from having it as well.

Good on Sony for these non-gaming applications. A couple more games about now would be nice though!

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