Confirmed: Super Meat Boy coming to iOS

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Well, assuming this wasn’t just an April Fool’s Day joke…

Ultra hardcore platformer, Super Meat Boy, is indeed coming to iOS. It has a new art style (look at the screenshot) and Team Meat is promising this will be a completely rebuilt game.

Which is just as well, because Super Meat Boy… Classic… wouldn’t have worked with virtual buttons at all. Team Meat is building a game that will no doubt be hella-challenging, but will also take advantage of the iOS strengths while downplaying its weaknesses.

Between this and the Baldur’s Gate remake there’s a lot to be excited on on the iOS front right now.

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  •  Interesting – considering how tough the original was with a controller, I'm glad to hear they are taking a fresh approach to the control scheme.  I really hope they find a good method, because virtual sticks just do not work well in a lot of games, so maybe there are some lessons to be learned her if it is done well.

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