It’s a thriller of a Nintendo Download

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And we mean ‘thriller’ in the zombie-music-video kinda way. And also Uggie, he’s pretty thrilling too.

I think it’d probably be pretty fair to say that zombies have been in just about every type of game (maybe other than racing) that there is. No genre is safe from the undead hordes and that includes those of the rhythm variety.

Zombie Slayer Diox (the ‘X’ is silent) is an eShop title about a six-string samurai who lives in a zombie infested future. How does he off said zeds? By luring them in with his sweet tunes and chopping them up with his mighty katana of course! Silly to think otherwise… ZSD might look like a side-scrolling action game at first glance, but this is a straight up rhythm game. Hit the right cords as Diox (again, the ‘X’ is silent) runs from left to right and you’ll be a’hackin and a’loppin all the live long day.

Now if, by some chance, you’re not all that into the idea of guitars and rotting corpses- there’s also a little video from Uggie. Uggs is the official mascot of the Nintendogs line from the big N and has a special Swapnote for players this week. Once you’re done there, you can still view his video diary of his first day of training for the spokesdog role if you like. WARNING: It’s brimming with adorable.

And there’s some great stuff for the Wii this week too! No, not really. Unless you like Carmen Santiago… and fractions…



  • Zombie Slayer Diox – $5.99Zombie Slayer Diox is a rhythm-action game with a side-scrolling twist. Don the jeans and leather boots of a samurai guitarist living in a future time when zombies have taken over most of the world.
  • Uggie Swapnote – freeFor a limited time, Nintendo 3DS owners who have installed the free Swapnote™ application can receive a special Swapnote inspired by Uggie, the acclaimed canine actor who recently signed on to become Nintendo’s spokesdog. And if you haven’t already, visit the Nintendo eShop to watch a video of Uggie’s first day of training to spread the word about the nintendogs™ + cats game. You’ll also find a demo version of nintendogs + cats available to download at no cost.
  • Sabotage by Wale – freeWale kicks off a run of 3D music videos from Nintendo Video™ with the video for his track “Sabotage,” off his sophomore album Ambition. Be sure to check it out and stay tuned for more 3D music video premieres from other top artists coming soon!



  • Carmen Santiago Adventures in Math: The Island of Diamonds – 600 points — We’re between a rock and a hard place, detective! Five priceless diamonds have been stolen from some of the world’s greatest museums.The Chief wants ACME’s best agent on this case, and that means you, detective. He’s adamant that you can put Carmen Sandiego’s criminal schemes on ice once and for all! Carmen Sandiego is back and only you can foil her V.I.L.E plans. Travel the globe, solve brain-twisting math puzzles, and finally confront the world’s greatest thief. Crack the case of the Island of Diamonds in single-player Story Mode. Perfect your math skills in single-player Practice Mode. Challenge your friends and family to solve math puzzles against the clock in Multiplayer Mode. In Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math, you practice your math skills and use them to fight crime. Ideal for grades 4–5, math topics include arithmetic, logic puzzles, fractions and much more!

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