Skyrim creation kit Steaming towards release

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You just might need a PHD to figure out how to use it, but get ready modding fans, the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Creation Kit is coming soon.

Launching very, very soon on Steam is the Skyrim Workshop. It’s going to allow you to make some pretty amazing things in the ultra-detailed world of the Elder Scrolls.

With the Creation Kit’s upcoming release, we have just posted a new developer diary by Production Director, Ashley Cheng as well as a video highlighting some of the new features that will be made available to our modding community through the Skyrim Workshop on Steam. The Skyrim Workshop will allow users to easily upload, download, and install their mods, making sharing custom content easier than ever before. 

I can’t wait to see what the community starts cranking out with this thing. That said, I think I’ll personally take a pass- my last level building venture ended with a room full of Imps in Doom II.

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