Blitz in the New Year this week on XBL

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This week’s Xbox Live update (the first of the apocalypse 2012) may be a little thin in the goodies department, but it nonetheless scores with the return of an arcade classic- NFL Blitz.

I have some extremely fond memories of the original Blitz and particularly remember playing the N64 version of the game into the ground with the multiplayer mode. Although I don’t know a ton about the newest version of the game brought before the XBLA masses this week for download, if it’s anything like the classic then it’s aqt least worth a demo download… I only hope you can piledrive unsuspecting offensive players into the turf… good times.


  • NFL Blitz – 1200mspts — It’s NFL Blitz, the hard-hitting, stumblin, bumblin, fumblin arcade classic you know and love

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