1C Company teams up with EA’s Origin

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1C Company publish a range of niche games, including Men of War: Assault Squad, Men of War: Condemned Heroes and King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North. Now you’ll be able to buy them through Origin.

For EA’s Steam rival to be a success, it needed to buddy up with these smaller, more niche publishers, so this will be a good bit of news indeed for EA. And the extra exposure will be good for 1C, so all in all, a win-win situation.

In a press release, 1C Company UK international publishing director, Darryl Still, said “we are absolutely delighted to be working with Origin to bring 1C’s titles to more gamers going forward. The success of our franchises outside of our Russian home territory like Men of War and Kings Bounty has been built almost entirely on digital sales, and we believe that Origin will be major contributor to our continued success in 2012.”

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