Digitally Downloaded poll results #8: Do you play single player games, or multiplayer?

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This was perhaps the most one-sided poll we’ve had to date at Digitally Downloaded.

When asked “Do you play single player games, or multiplayer?” a whopping 83 per cent of our readers either said they online play single player games, or mostly play single player games, with the occasional online session.

Six per cent of our readers only play multiplayer, and another six said they will play the solo campaign once before spending the rest of their time in the multiplayer. Finally, just three per cent said that local multiplayer is still their main way of playing.

Perhaps Mario Kart can skew those figures in the future? I know I don’t play that much single player!

Which brings us to the final poll of the year: How will you spend your holidays gaming? Have a vote, and come back next year to see where you stand!

Thanks for participating in our polls over the year. 🙂

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