You’re going to be able to play ALL your PS3 games on Vita

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Best bit of Vita news yet?

It’s been confirmed that the Remote Play feature, which Sony experimented with with the PS3 and PSP to limited success, is getting a big boost with the Vita.

Namely, every single PS3 game will be playable via Remote Play this time around. It won’t happen immediately, but it will be enabled in a future firmware update, according to a report by Eurogamer.

Some techy bits: older PS3 games will use the PSP’s screen resolution of 480×272 on the PS Vita, while future games will be 480p. This isn’t up to the maximum resolution of the Vita, but it’s likely kept low to reduce the terrible lag the PSP/ PS3 Remote Play suffered.

The other problem is the Vita struggles with fewer buttons than a Dual Shock controller. Enter the ability to map buttons to the rear or front touchpads.

So. Yeah. Final Fantasy XIII is on the go.

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