Play iPad Atari games with a joystick and real buttons

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Keen to get into Atari Greatest Hits on the iPad, but worried about the lack of physical buttons? Well, that’s not a problem any more.

Atari Arcade – Duo Powered turns the iPad into a small arcade machine, complete with four face buttons and a joystick.

Unfortunately it only works with Atari Greatest Hits, but given that a similar arcade device exists for Space Invaders, surely a general-use gamepad isn’t that far away now.

Anyway, if you’re keen to get into genuine arcade experiences on the iPad, this neat looking little device will set you back $US59.99 and can be bought from this link here: Click here

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  • Hi Anonymous,

    That looks pretty cool for iPhone gaming, thanks for the spot! Though the comment I made in the story was more me hoping for something for iPad as well, and, importantly, something that a lot of software developers (like, say, EA), supporting.

    I do think that Apple needs to develop an "official" iPad before the big guys will go back and implement physical button controls.

    And when that happens, Sony and Nintendo should be pretty worried, I feel.

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