Review: Fancy Pants & Fancy Pants 2 (Android)

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If you like your platformers light-hearted and short then Fancy Pants is a bit of fun. Unfortunately that is about all it is. It doesn’t really challenge you with any difficult tasks and it won’t entertain you for very long with its short lifespan.

The graphics for Fancy Pants 1 & 2 are both quite good actually. You control a stick man with fancy orange pants and long hair. Seeing the little fellow get a good run up and do a jump is very enjoyable with his pants and hair flapping about in the breeze nicely. The aim is to collect swirls as you explore the level always on the watch out for spiders and other nasties.

It looks very much like a flip book by the way it plays with all the scenery and objects appearing to be hand drawn. To me it gives a certain feeling of nostalgia to my school days with fond memories or making things go boom on a post-it-note pad.

The controls of the game I found to be very difficult with both the left and right buttons right next to each other making it easy to accidentally press the wrong one. The up and down buttons have a similar problem. After playing this game on PC with no difficulty it showed just how annoying these controls can be.

If you have run out of games to play and want something that will entertain you for some time you should probably look elsewhere. If you are happy to download a game and play it through before moving onto the next one then these games are a fun, if frustrating option.

– Aidan B

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