Irem removing R-Type (and possibly more) from the Virtual Console

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Just a few months ago, Irem removed its games from the PlayStation Network. According to Sega’s blog, the company is now set to pull R-Type for the Sega Master System from Nintendo’s Virtual Console service.

Seeing how Sega reported the news, it would not be illogical to assume that the other games may suffer a similar fate (Sega has no need to report the games unrelated to its console). If you want these games, you should act quickly, since this is probably your last chance to get them – assuming the games do indeed get removed.

See a full list of Irem’s VC games after the jump.

Legend of Hero Tonma  – TurboGrafx-16
Ninja Spirit – TurboGrafx-16

R-Type – Master System
R-Type – TurboGrafx-16

R-Type III: The Third Lightning – SNES
Spelunker – NES

Super R-Type – SNES
Vigilante – TurboGrafx-16

Remember, take this news with a grain of salt. Sega only reported that R-Type would be removed, so there is no definitive proof that the others will leave the service. 

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