XBLA Gets Combative with Street Fighter III

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The latest Street Fighter legacy title to hit Xbox LIVE is perhaps the most under appreciated one. The game was originally released without much fanfare and didn’t really, shall we say, stand the test of time.

My biggest problem with the game (and biggest disappointment) was that only a smattering of characters returned to the roster from Street Fighter 2. That and that most of the ‘new’ fighters just seemed like re-treads of world warriors past. I mean, why not just have Balrog if you’re going to have another boxer? Why not have Zangief if you’re going to have a wrestler?

Anyway- my biased aside, the game is here now on LIVE for the cost of 1200mspts. The bottom line is that SF3 is an extremely well designed fighter, if a little over complicated at times, and (if I remember correctly) has animation to die for. The new release has some new bells and whistles as well like a YouTube posting mode.

You can add it to your download queue right here.

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