Wicked Witch offers sneak peak of El Mariachi on Xbox 360

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Australian independent developers, Wicked Witch, has released a trailer for its upcoming Xbox 360 title, El Mariachi.

According to the developers, El Mariachi is a “character-driven action comedy about singing, swinging and guacamole slinging.” It’s a 3D side-scrolling action platformer, and looks like it plays every bit as weird as it sounds, and features two different ‘worlds’ that you can switch between at will.

Animation and frame rate is a little on the shaky side at this stage, but no doubt it’s possible to iron that out by the time of release.

It looks like a perfect indie title for the Xbox 360. Wicked Witch has had difficulty securing publishers in the past… we just hope this sees the time of day.

Enjoy the trailer, and fingers crossed!

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