DSiWare games that we’d love to see remade for 3DS

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While 3DSware is just around the corner, 3DS owners will still be able to access the DSiWare catalogue. But on a sparkly new 3D console, will playing “mere” 2D games be enough?

Below is a few games that we would buy all over again if 3DS features were added in and the games re-released as full 3DSware games. Let us know in the comments or on our forums what other games you would like to see in 3D!
A Little Bit of… Touch Golf
3D would be a cosmetic change to this brilliant little golf title, but what a cosmetic change it would be! The 3DS’s 3D effect works best when moving into a screen, which is precisely what a golf ball does as it flies down the fairway. Seeing the courses realised in 3D would give them a much greater tactile sense, which would, in turn, create a more immersive experience.

How good would this look in full 3D?
But the game could also make sure of the other 3DS features. Perhaps you could change out the generic character models with Miis. Perhaps you could StreetPass your best records and then compete against other people’s. Perhaps the improved 3DS shop could host additional courses as DLC?
Lylat Wars (as Star Fox 64 is known in Australia) works well in 3D, and AiRace, a futuristic flight racer, would be a good candidate for a 3D remake. Like other racers, it’ll become easier to judge distances, easier to make tight turns, and impacts will… have more impact.

Look at the sceenshot to the right… this game is just crying for a 3D remake
It’d be a nice optional feature to offer gyroscope control, and we’d love to see ghost data be available for trade via StreetPass. To encourage people to exercise themselves, too, perhaps some unlocks could require the use of the coins earned from walking around?
Art Style: Kubos
Of all the Art Style games, this one would benefit most from a 3D remake. The game was always designed around 3D, and visually it does suffer from being shoehorned onto a 3D platform. It’s like trying to shove a triangle through a circle.

Up there with the most underrated puzzlers of all time.
In 3D though, the true understated visual style would be realised in full. Moving around the cubic environment would feel more alien, and at the same time it will be easier to navigate around the environment because there will be a more real sense of space.
Dragon Quest Wars
One of the great strengths of Dragon Quest is its personality, and bringing the characters into full 3D could only help bring that personality out further.
Plus, we’d love to see Intelligent Systems take the opportunity to build on the basic gameplay further – expand the online options out, add in a few new monsters, create some map packs with additional environments.

This game is great, but it could be so much more yet.
In fact, we’d love to see Dragon Quest Wars develop an element of collectable card games – buying DLC ‘boosters’ to get new monsters and new abilities to build out your team. By doing that, Intelligent Systems would all but assure themselves of a dedicated online community and a game that provides an immense amount of value for gamers.  
The only downside would be because the touch screen isn’t the 3D screen, the gameplay would need to be shifted to the top screen, and touch controls would not work any longer. Given that the touch screen controls didn’t work that well (one of the few complaints) in the first place, this would not be a great loss.
It looks retro, But Q Games’ X-scape is something of a masterpiece. The wireframe visuals would make the game look even better. The enemies would look more menacing, the action would feel even more hectic.

Visually, this game is the most stylish of all on DSiWare.
Touch control would have to be done away with, but with a circle pad to replace it, that should not feel too noticeable.
We’d like to see a multiplayer mode or two thrown in for good measure, but the original X-Scape was such good value in the first place that we wouldn’t complain if it was a straight port with 3D effects built in.
For the more casual audience, Flowerz was actually quite a good little title. It was relaxing, and also rewarding to see the virtual flower garden slowly fill up.
It’s also the only game on this list that could not work as a 3D remake. The touch screen was important to the Flowerz gameplay, so the 3D effect screen could only really be used for display.

Not the most exciting game around, but relaxing and charming all the same.
But the other features of the 3DS could be used to great effect in this game. StreetPass could be used to trade people’s favourite flower arrangements. Pedometer-unlocked coins could be used to “buy” new seeds or garden objects. Given EA’s garden game has officially been canned, we’d love to see Flowerz pick up the baton and give 3DS owners the chance to grow a virtual garden.

We’re interested to hear what DSiWare games you think would benefit from a 3DS remake! Let us know in the comments below, or better yet, take the discussion to our forums and chat away!

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