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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Deadly Premonition 2: Absolutely Brilliant

Video by Matt S.

Deadly Premonition 2 is a sequel that I don't think any of us were expecting. The first was a cult hit in the truest sense, but the creators had moved on to other projects and the game itself had largely faded from memory.

But here we are playing Deadly Premonition 2, and it is absolutely brilliant. It's only a first impressions from the first couple of hours play, as we got a review copy late, but if the whole game can maintain this standard it's going to be one of my favourite games of all time. Check out my first thoughts here and check back later in the week for the full review!

And, once you're playing Deadly Premonition 2, be sure to share your thoughts as well. I suspect this one is going to be polarising but in the best possible way - the discussions around it are going to be exquisite.

- Matt S.
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Deadly Premonition 2: Absolutely Brilliant
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