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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Atelier game! New Atelier game! New Atelier game!

News by Matt S.

We don't even have Atelier Sophie yet (though the game will be released in English very soon - bet you're looking forward to our review of that), but Dengeki PlayStation has been leaked, and in it, it is announcing that the next Atelier game will be Atelier Firis.

And, showing just how important this franchise has become, Firis is the front cover of the magazine.

We don't actually know much more about the game at this stage, other than 1) it will presumedly be a sequel to Atelier Sophie, because Gust tends to work in trilogies, and 2) Firis is just gorgeous. I'm in love with her already.

You can be sure that we'll have a whole lot more information on the game as it becomes available. In the meantime, let's drool over this lovely, lovely cover.

(Image from @earlbox's Twitter:

- Matt S. 
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New Atelier game! New Atelier game! New Atelier game!
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