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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Two sets of Miku DLC coming this month, and one's out already

Are you still playing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd? I hope so - I certainly am! And SEGA is looking to feed the addiction further with two new sets of DLC to come in February, with the first lot available now (or when the PSN updates, depending on your region).

The new lot of DLC includes three costume modules (Rolling Girl, Chinese Debut and Mikudayo - yes, the Nendoroid version), and one new rhythm game song (Rolling Girl). The second release will occur on February 17, and will also feature three costume modules (Yellow, Sweet Pudding, and Lin Xiao-Mei), and two new music tracks (Change Me and Yellow).

The costumes are of course completely optional and only worth investing in if you like playing virtual dress-up (that's me, of course), but the music tracks are absolutely essential if you enjoy the Miku base game, as they add even more play time, and so far the extra tracks have been very decent indeed.

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Now if only we can convince SEGA to get around to making a PlayStation 4 Project Diva game... shall I start a petition?

- Matt S.
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Two sets of Miku DLC coming this month, and one's out already
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