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Friday, January 30, 2015

AnimeLab lands on iPad and iPhone

News by Matt S.

AnimeLab is Australia's Madman Entertainment's attempt to take on the likes of Crunchyroll by offering a wide range of high quality anime for streaming. It's still in active development, still free (for now), and now it's on iPhone and iPad via an app download.

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It had been previously possible to watch the entire AnimeLab library on your iOS devices by using the Web browser - it is a HTML5 Website. However, the native app offers an undeniably superiour experience, making it well worth a look for any AnimeLab members with iDevices.

If you also have an Apple TV, then the AnimeLab iOS app has another benefit - it's fully AirPlay compatible.

While Madman Entertainment has a ways to go before the service is quite as prevalent as Crunchyroll (heck, that service is even on the Nintendo Wii U), in every other way it's a genuine competitor to Crunchyroll, and it's a good alternative to have sitting on the iPad.

(Note: It's also available as a native app on Android devices)

- Matt S. 
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AnimeLab lands on iPad and iPhone
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