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Monday, February 25, 2013

This might just be the coolest nerd-cool site ever

OK, so this isn't technically video gaming news, but anyone who grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons and other pen-and-paper RPGs will realise instantly how awesome the following site is:

The Play Generated Map & Document Archive is - wait for it - an archive for people's old RPG maps, character sheets, and hand-made adventure modules.

As a Pen-and-Paper gamer there is a real aesthetic thrill to seeing hand-drawn RPG maps. Waves of nostalgia hit me as I clicked through all these maps and character sheets. I used to do these, see, and they were some of the happiest moment of my childhood. This love of maps is so strong against RPG gamers that the likes of Etrian Odyssey deliberately tap into this nostalgia by making people draw their own maps as they go. A largely useless feature, but a beloved one.

There's only 1400 maps and other articles right now - it's clearly a new project and if you feel compelled to contribute then you can made donations directly to the archive.

Now to go and find my old maps to do my bit to help out...
This might just be the coolest nerd-cool site ever
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