Marie Rose: The making of Dead or Alive’s doll-faced superstar


With a waif-like, petite figure, long blonde hair tied in the twintails fashion, and a flowery dress in the style of Japan’s popular “Gothic Lolita” style, Marie Rose was – and still is – a very different type of character to the other women that we see in Dead or…

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On the brilliance of the new wave of surrealist, avant-garde, “anti-game arthouse” game experiences


Feature by Matt S. Antonin Artaud’s play, Jet Of Blood (sometimes translated from its native French as “Spurt Of Blood”) opens as follows: YOUNG MAN: I love you and everything is beautiful. YOUNG GIRL: [With quavering voice] You love me and everything is beautiful. YOUNG MAN: [In a lower tone]…

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Aussie indies: on what it was like to develop in Flash, and moving to more robust platforms


Feature by Harvard L. Macromedia Flash, for all its benefits and pitfalls, was a revolutionary platform for the gaming industry. Before it, game design only happened in dedicated studios, with difficult programming languages being a barrier of entry into the industry. A game was a big project requiring a team…

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Game Theory: On pin-up art, Dead or Alive, and why it’s not objectification


It was delayed a month, but nonetheless Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will be released in just a few short weeks. I’m battening down the hatches against the media response to that one. Actually, in all seriousness, I doubt it will be anywhere near as controversial as that. In a…

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