Recap: Devolver Direct (Summer Game Fest Edition) (June 8, 2024)

Volvy's getting old(er)!

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An image of Volvy, a mole/potato-like creature. It reads: Volvy's 15th birthday bash! Devolver Direct, June 7 @ 5 p.m. Pacific

Devolver Directs are always a highlight of this hectic week, mostly because each one is crazier than the last. Last year’s Devolver Direct featured Wizard with a Gun, The Talos Principle II, Baby Steps, and Human Fall Flat 2; that’s a pretty big line-up, but I think this year’s is bigger and better!'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

You have no free time. You also have no job and no relationship. You are very, very passionate about Devolver Digital though. And it’s Volvy’s 15th birthday! Happy birthday Volvy! Time to host a party, but it better be good so you’re not embarrassed. A birthday isn’t just about looking backwards, it’s about considering the future. Last year was great, but the next could be even better! Volvy might even do something truly unexpected…

Video games aren’t for everyone. Some people like fresh air. Some people like sports. But whatever works for you. If you’re going to be passionate about something, why not go all in? If you don’t care about anything that much, that’s just sad.

Your neighbours are reporting strange sounds coming from your house. The police must investigate….

Featured games

Cult of the Lamb: Unholy Alliance (Massive Monster)

New free update announcement.

Unholy Alliance is the next free update for cult hit Cult of the Lamb. It introduces the Goat, a new playable character summoned by blood and born in corruption. Sounds lovely. The Goat can join the holy Lamb in local co-op; explore dungeons, slay heretics, build your cult, and seek new powers… together. There are new two-player twists on mini-games such as fishing. You’re able to choose from a good selection of corrupted weapons, tarot cards, curses, and relics. The pair can swap weapons, deal extra damage while fighting back-to-back, or deal a critical hit when in sync. Solo players won’t be completely left out, getting new powers and abilities too.

Cult of the Lamb: Unholy Alliance will be released as a free update for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series on August 12.

The Crush House (Nerial)

Release date announcement.

Inspired heavily by my favourite genre of television – reality! – thirst-person-shooter The Crush House hit my radar the second it was announced. It’s 1999 and The Crush House is the reality television sensation. Sorry, Ruthie and Teck, but that means your season of The Real World is no longer the it thing! You play as Jae, a new producer. Take the camera to an iconic Miami mansion and keep your viewers wanting more by capturing all the good stuff. Find your four-person cast from a mix of 12 eccentric people for each season’s run. Conflicting personalities are a must, but so are complimentary ones. Tensions will run high and sparks will fly! The more the better and the better you capture, the better your ratings. But micro-audiences complicate the matter, with strategy required if you want to get them all under your spell. If your audience isn’t entertained you’ll be cancelled. Underneath all the shiny television goodness (I say after mentioning being cancelled…) lies a sinister mystery, and Jae can explore the house at night when the show is off air. She’ll need to have some forbidden conversations with the cast to figure out all the twisted secrets lurking in the dark.

The Crush House will be released for PC via Steam on August 9. I expected the wait to be longer, so I am pleasantly surprised that the launch is a mere two months away!

Tenjutsu (Sébastien Benard)

New game announcement.

Tenjutsu is a fast and fluid “rogue-jitsu” (martial arts roeguelike) from the designer of Dead Cells. It puts you in the shoes of a renegade yakuza dead set on defying her former associates, trying to loosen their grip on the city. Four crime syndicates rule with an iron fist, and for any chance at defeating them you’ll have to master a brutal brawling system and build a diverse arsenal of items and techniques. Take them down in any order you want – but you’ll have to defeat them all at some point. The longer you spend preparing, the stronger your enemies will become. You can shape the city to suit you by unlocked new weapons, combat moves, and areas. As the ruined streets become more vibrant, spend resources in shops and restaurants to help you on your journey.

Tenjutsu will be released for PC and consoles, but further specifics have not been announced.

The Talos Principle 2: Road to Elysium (Croteam)

New DLC announcement.

The story of The Talos Principle 2 is set to go fo rward thanks to a three-part DLC expansion. Continue the robot world’s evolution with a new perspective on some past key moments, and play puzzles build with both new and pre-existing mechanics. Road to Elysium is made up of three distinct chapters, each different from the others. Orpheus Ascending (inspired by Ancient Egypt) explores the philosophy of love, death, and resurrection with the story of Hypatia and Sarabhai. Isle of the Blessed (inspiredby the Caribbean) joins Yaqut and Miranda as they head off on a puzzle-driven journey with Cornelius and Athena. Into the Abyss returns to one of the more dramatic moments of the base game, and you’ll learn what happened to Byron when he was trapped. This part is a trippy journey, and it promises to be extremely difficult.

The Talos Principle 2: Road to Elysium will be released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series on June 14. Yep, just a week away!

Anger Foot (Free Lives)

Release date announcement.

I’m going to quote the description of Anger Foot because it makes my head spin a bit: the game is “a lightning-fast hard bass blast of kicking doors and kicking ass” featuring lots of foot-based chaos. This is not a first-person shooter, it is a first-person kicker. Clear slums, sewers, and skyscrapers of anthropomorphic enemies. Find new weapons, unlock sweet new kicks, and upgrade your powers in weird and wonderful ways.

Anger Foot will be released for PC via Steam on July 11.

Possessor(s) (Heart Machine)

New game announcement.

Remember Hyper Light Drifter? Or Solar Ash? Both games are from indie developer Heart Machine, and it revealed its next title during the Devolver Direct. Possessor(s) is an action side scroller, with its combat inspired by platform fighters. You’ll play as Luca (the host) and Rehm (who is less that cooperative), exploring a quarantined city that has been torn apart and flooded with an interdimensional catastrophe. Their only shot at survival is co-existing. The narrative is branching, allowing players to choose multiple routes while trying to uncover why the catastrophe happened. The game is fast-paced with tense, precise combat against a variety of enemies.

Possessor(s) will be released for PC and consoles in 2025, but further specifics have not been announced.

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