Fishing Paradiso developer Odencat’s next game, Mousebusters, will be launching for Nintendo Switch in addition to Steam

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The key art for Mousebusters.

I do not know what I was thinking when I didn’t include the announcement of Odencat’s next game in my Indie Live Expo 2024 catch-up, but I am here to rectify that issue now! My first Odencat game was Fishing Paradiso, and I’ve found the same charm from that game in its other titles, too. The developer announced its next adventure game, Mousebusters, during the Expo; the adventure game was confirmed to be launching for Steam. Today, it was announced that Mousebusters will also be launching for Nintendo Switch – and as a bonus, there’s a new trailer!

You’ve just spend the first night in your new apartment, but you wake up to the realization that you’ve mysteriously become a mouse. How curious. A crass rodent with a loveable manner of speaking, Chief, claims he can return you to your human form… if you’re willing to do some ghostbusting first. As a team of two, head off through the apartments busting the ghosts haunting each unit and ultimately breaking the curse on the apartment building.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

The environment is explored from a mouse’s perspective. Each apartment houses someone with their own background and quirks. As in real life (I say this with a straight face, and I know y’all are laughing at me for that), ghosts prey upon negative emotions and insecurities. The ghosts won’t just be floating around easy to find, you’ll have to be quite observant and good at quick thinking to exorcise them, but also quite stealthy so you are not caught. You’ll also have to manipulate the tenants to draw out the ghosts.

The ghosts are feisty, though, and won’t go down without a fight. Use your ghost zapper to defend yourself from projectiles and hit their weak points to get rid of them for good. Become a better sharpshooter by training your skills with a virtual simulator or in-game terminal. Earn enough points and you may even get a surprise.

While ghostbusting, you’ll also be diving into the conspiracy surrounding the apartment building. Chief’s secret past may be key to purging the darkness.

Developed and published by Odencat, Mousebusters will be released for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam and Nintendo Switch later in 2024.

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