Find out if you can survive an eternal deep freeze in Permafrost, launching in Early Access for PC next year

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The key art for Permafrost.

It is over 30 degrees where I live (it feels like 37 at this moment, to be precise) so living in a world stuck in an eternal deep freeze sounds downright lovely right now – but the gameplay teaser trailer for Permafrost has reminded me that a frozen world might not be so great either. Only those with strength, smarts, resourcefulness, and adaptability will be able to survive the Permafrost’s bleak open-world landscape when it launches in Early Access for PC in 2025.

An apocalyptic moon phase phenomenon known as the shattering has placed humanity on the brink of extinction thanks to an eternal deep freeze. Political and economic structures have collapsed. Billions of people have died. It is possible to survive? Is it worth it to help others do the same?'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

In Permafrost, the bone-chilling temperatures will effect your character’s capabilities. To survive, hunt prey (well, what’s left of it in this frozen world) and repurpose salvaged machinery to create tools. But don’t get complacent: there’s a lot more danger than just the cold out there, including natural predators and factions fighting for control. There will be difficult moral choices to make along the way. Do you want to rebuild society or take it over? Do you want to make alliances or rely only on yourself?

Stay safe by building shelter and helping to establish peace. You can construct buildings from scratch, cultivate crops, and use technology to push back against human and environmental threats. When you’re out beyond your shelter, remember that your weapons and firearms are primitive at best – threats could be difficult to eliminate. Travel the land by foot or using vehicles.

Resources are scarce and management is key. Don’t use up all the wood building and creating warmth when other things could be used instead. Batteries remain from what’s left of the time before the shattering, and they are one of the most valuable resources available. Upcycled materials can be used to develop technology.

Developed by SpaceRocket Games and published by Toplitz Productions, Permafrost will be released in Early Access for PC via Steam in 2025.

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