Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s final DLC, Upheaval in Jingxiang, is available now

The DLC trilogy is complete.

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launched earlier this year to critical success; it averages 79-81 on Metacritic (depending on platform). Matt reviewed the game for PlayStation 5 at the time, giving it five of five stars. He described it as “a really majestic epic” and followed up by writing, “it’s a compelling telling of the story, backed up with one of the fastest and most entertaining takes on Soulslike combat that we’ve seen to date.” In the months since the game’s launch, DLC Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 have launched. Today marks the release of the game’s final DLC, Vol. 3: Upheaval in Jingxiang. It includes new stages, a new Divine Beast, a new weapon category, and more.

The base game of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty follows a nameless militia soldier fighting in a dark fantasy version of the Later Han Dynasty. Demons are plaguing the Three Kingdoms. Fight off creatures and enemy soldiers with swordplay based on the Chinese martial arts. Practitioners of these arts change pace while shifting between offensive and defensive maneuvers. Defeating enemies boosts morale and awakens the power within.

DLC Vol. 3: Upheaval in Jingxiang continues the base game’s storyline and follows Yuan Shu. Fueled by his hatred of humans, he is secretly planning to build a world of demons. New stages include an abandoned waterside village, a castle, and an abandoned mine where kidnapped victims are transformed into demons. Shuyao is a new, tree-like monster that sprays poisonous spores from its branch-like limbs. The Whip has been added as a weapon category. The new Divine Beast is Chenghuang, an animal like a white fox with horse-like legs and appendages resembling dragon horns; players can ride it into battle, marking the first time in the game that a human and a Divine Beast unite in action. DLC Vol. 3 also includes a new difficulty level, a new stratagem system, and an expansion to the Thousand-Mile Journey end game content from DLC Vol. 1 that lets players advance past levels 101-1000 while obtaining new benefits and rewards.

For those who missed DLC Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, here’s a quick look:

DLC Vol. 1: Battle of Zhongyuan follows Cao Cao’s army after the anti-Dong Zhuo coalition collapses. It includes two new stages, Mt. Nishan and Yuan City. There are new generals like Dian Wei, new demons including Bingcan and Huodou, a new Divine Beast with Feilian, a new weapon type (cestus), and an increased difficulty level.

DLC Vol. 2: Conqueror of Jiangdong follows Sun Ce as he struggles with the death of his father. Players journey through Xiangyang and the Shentingling Hills, encountering new Shrimp Soldier monsters and some of Ancient China’s most fierce warlords. There is a new Long Sword weapon, new endgame content (this begins the Thousand-Mile Journey I mentioned as being updated in DLC Vol. 3), a new Divine Beast, and more.

Developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available now for PC via Steam/Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One. All three DLC are also available now.

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