Text, date, and fight in Nova Hearts; first instalment launches in January 2024

Meet hot heroes (and villains).

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The key art for Nova Hearts.

Developer Lightbulb Crew is best known for its stylised tactics game Othercide; Matt reviewed it for DDNet, believing it to be a strong concept but he also thought it was too focused on providing content. I’m interested to see where Lightbulb Crew will go with its next game, Nova Hearts. Nova Hearts is a turn-based combat dating adventure game (kind of like Thirsty Suitors but with prospects instead of exes, and no skateboarding). Its first instalment is set to drop (for free) for PC in mid-January 2024, with the rest of the game dropping at once later in the year.

Luce and her crew are searching for answers to the mysterious cosmic force that has turned them and other local hotties into powerful superheroes – and equally powerful supervillains. Oh, and the town has been invaded by interdimensional beings. Suit up as a magical alter-ego to fight those beasts from another dimension, hunt the origins of the cosmic mystery, and explore romantic possibilities with lots of different singles from the area.

Players can text, talk, date, and pursue connections with civilians, friends, and even villains. Become frenemies, rivalovers, friends with benefits, or a OTP. When you’re not flirting your way through the town, use strategy, stylish combos, and a tactical timeline feature in turn-based battles with rather cute supervillains and their goons. But how can one be expected focus?!

The phone is a lifeline to both the community and the player’s superpowers. Keep up with all the gossip and keep tabs on your relationships, sure, but also develop some skills that may be required later on.

Developed and published by Lightbulb Crew, Nova Hearts’ first instalment will be released for PC via Steam on January 17, 2024. As I stated earlier, the rest of the game will drop at one time later in the year.

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