Tram Simulator Urban Transit launches for PC in December

It is exactly what it sounds like.

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The key art for Tram Simulator Urban Transit.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that driving sims are hot right now, especially trains. Train sims, like Station to Station, just keep popping up. You can tell based on the title that Tram Simulator Urban Transit is kind of like train sims, except it is covers a relatively small area of just one city. It may arguably be more similar to some bus simulators – after all, it is public transportation and focused in one place. Today, a release date was announced for the transportation sim.

The team behind Tram Simulator Urban Transit knows what its doing: developer/publisher/distributor (in this case, publisher) astragon Entertainment (a subsidiary of Team17) has already has its hands all over IPs like Construction Simulator, Bus Simulator, and Firefighting Simulator. It also distributes Farming Simulator. So creating a tram simulator makes sense, doesn’t it?

Tram Simulator Urban Transit puts players at the centre of their own public transport company in the fictional US city of Angel Shores. There are six driveable streetcar models, each with a detailed and interactive cockpit. Tram lines can be independently created based on the extensive rail network and stops throughout the city, and timetables can be configured as needed. Define routes, drive them, check tickets, keep an eye on traffic, and look out for random events that will effect the ride.

A screenshot from Tram Simulator Urban Transit.

There are dedicated driving school missions to introduce how to control the trams and what needs to be considered. Story mode has more than ten missions. Sandbox mode gives players unlimited cash, with all trams and districts are unlocked from the start. Career mode also has all trams and districts from the beginning, but players have to manage their money well to lead the company to success.

If you own Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop’s Official Tram Extension (DLC to the main game) or Season Pass, you will receive access to Tram Simulator Urban Transit for free. If you purchase Tram Simulator Urban Transit, you will receive access to Bus Simulator 21’s Official Tram Extension for free (but you’d still need to own the base game to play it).

Developed by stillalive studios and published by astragon Entertainment, Tram Simulator Urban Transit will be released for PC via Steam on December 5. It is expected to be released for PC via Epic, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One in Q2 2024.

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