Seductive roguelike dating sim Doomsday Paradise is now available for PC

Find love and save the world... or not.

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The key art for Doomsday Paradise.

I’m a huge fan of Boyfriend Dungeon, the dungeon crawler where you date your weapons, so it makes perfect sense that I’m drawn to roguelike dating sim slash multiplayer RPG Doomsday Paradise. It features many hotties to seduce, and over 100 endings to explore. There are only five in-game days to fight, skirt, and finesse your way to the impending apocalypse. Do you fight back against the end of the world, or do you sit at the bar with your beloved and watch it all burn? Today, Doomsday Paradise launched for PC.

Grab some friends – the more players involved, the more chaotic is gets – and head to Sunset Town, where there’s love in the air… and a world-ending boss. Forge relationships with a cast of bombshells, explore different scenarios and endings, and befriend a serial killer bear. There are over 400 funny scenarios and 120 different different endings, so every choice makes a difference.

The dating choices are extremely varied, so I’ll just highlight some of my favourites. Haley (the Monster Girl) loves everything Halloween, but she doesn’t even know when it is; she just goes trick-or-treating every day, and the locals never correct her because they like her so much. Cleo (the Retired Hero) just wants to have fun, but her competitiveness can sometimes get in the way. Tessa (the Merchant) is made of enough money to retire easily, but she loves crime. She literally can’t get enough of it. And she’s moody, landing anywhere between manipulative and crazy. She’s the one to chose if you want to overthrow the system while setting everything in your path on fire.

The scenarios support both single-player and up to four-player online multiplayer gameplay. Choices impact character stats and what the townsfolk say. Decide how to spend each day and with who. Based on your choices, the townsfolks’ affecting towards you might increase or decrease. When each event ends, receive rewards like items, stats, and skills.

If you’re still wondering how seductive this game is, here is a quote by Shadi Taha of the development team: “It’s taken years of work to get here and I couldn’t be happier. I have finally created a game as horny as I am.”

Developed by Lemonade Flashbang, and published by Lemonade Flashbang and Astrolabe Games, Doomsday Paradise is now available for PC via Steam.

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