Little Noah: Scion of Paradise is now available for Xbox

Journey through ancient ruins with a mysterious cat.

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The key art for Little Noah: Scion of Paradise.

Battle Champs is a F2P RTS game that was available for four years (from 2015 to 2019). In Battle Champs, players built and strengthened bases, then teamed up with others to attack enemy fortifications. So why am I talking about this dead game? It was actually the predecessor to casual roguelite action title Little Noah: Scion of Paradise. In it, players become Noah, a self-proclaimed genius alchemist. She’s on a journey with a cat through ancient ruins full of secrets to discover. Previously, the game has been launched for Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch; today, it also launched for Windows and Xbox.

Little Noah: Scion of Paradise features randomly-generated dungeons that are constantly changing, so every attempt is different. Advance deep to encounter epic boss battles; it will require all your strength and your allies known as Lilliputs to take them down. If Noah gets knocked out while in a dungeon, any Lilliputs and accessories she picked up will be converted to mana. Use mana to repair the airship and strengthen Noah’s abilities.

Through each dungeon, Lilliputs can be recruited and added to the attack lineup, enabling devastating combination attacks. There are over 40 types of Lilliputs, each with their own unique set of moves. Customise the order of the lineup to create unique combos.

On these new platforms, two paid content packs are available. They can be purchased individually or as a DLC bundle; they are also included in the game’s Special Edition. Each pack features avatars, Lilliputs, and accessories.

DLC 1 includes Gourmet Guild Princess Noah and White Mage Noah avatars; Halvor, Pirate King Kidd, and Goddess Amelie Lilliputs; and Conflagrant Regalia, Crystalline Regalia, Fulminous Regalia, Master Merchant’s Turban, and Trust Piggy Bank accessories. DLC 2 includes Ruler of the Racetrack Noah and Sub Zero Knight Noah avatars; Quickshot, Oceane, and Hanzo Lilliputs; and Meteorite Emblem, Blizzard Emblem, Electroshock Emblem, Striker’s Gloves, and Swift Combat Boots accessories.

Developed and published by Cygames, Little Noah: Scion of Paradise was released today for PC via Windows Story, Xbox Series, and Xbox One. It also also available for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch; it first launched following a Nintendo Direct in June 2022.

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