Saltsea Chronicles launches next week

Wherefore art thou, Captain?

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It sure is a watery day on DDNet! First, the announcement of Dredge’s first paid expansion. Now, there’s been a release date announced for story-driven adventure game Saltsea Chronicles! The announcement happened as part of PlayStation’s Indie Day initiative, but it isn’t a PlayStation exclusive; it will also be released for PC and Nintendo Switch. The game has players explore the islands of a post-flood world in search for a missing crew member.

Recusing the missing crew member won’t be easy, though. Captain Maja’s misfit crew will have to start by stealing their impounded ship. After that, travel across the islands of a post-flood world known as Saltsea. Explore strangely wonderful communities, uncover a conspiracy, choose where to go and which crew to take with you, and chart a journey. The story is told across an entire archipelago.

Visit island communities while investigating the mystery that lays at the heart of the game. Each one is built on pre-flood ruins in beautiful, beguiling ways. People barely remember a time before the Flood, they just know they rebuilt on the ruins of what came before. New talents and technologies have taken the place of the old.

Guide the entire crew through the story of investigating the mystery of your captain’s disappearance. Uncover secrets and add to your number when some of those you meet will ask to join. Each episode has you picking an island to visit and choosing who to send on an expedition. These choices will unlock different content, develop relationships, and provide the chance to resolve (or create) tensions within the crew. The fast navigation system allows you to hop around islands. Uncover different pathways through the varied series of islands.

Different playthroughs take you to different islands with different characters, and will have dramatic consequences for the crew. After you’ve played one, replay from any branch of any chapter in your save file to meet new crew members, explore different communities, and trace alternative pathways.

Developed and published by Die Gute Fabrik, Saltsea Chronicles will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on October 12.

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