Horror narrative adventure game Little Goody Two Shoes is launching on Halloween

Play something different this spooky day.

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The key art for Little Goody Two Shoes.

Square Enix Collective has published some phenomenal indie titles, from Tokyo Dark to PowerWash Simulator. In August 2022, it announced Little Goody Two Shoes, a narrative adventure game that is 90s anime meets horror meets fairy tale. It is certainly visually inspired by PlayStation-era RPGs and 90s/00 anime. And what better day than Halloween for it to launch? The end of this month is especially packed with horror games, but this one stands out as something different, featuring day/night cycles of mini-games and enemy encounters.

Little Goody Two Shoes is set in a hand-painted fairy tale environment, and features ten different endings that are decided based on the player’s choices and actions. It follows Elise, a vibrant and ambitious young woman who dreams of becoming filthy rich. Unfortunately for her, the stars have not aligned and there is no fortune in sight. She comes from humble beginnings, and has no choice but to spend each day assisting her neighbours with boring tasks to make money.

One day, she finds a pair of beautiful shiny red shoes buried in her backyard. Oh, what a surprise! She puts them on and, bewitched, embarks on a fearful journey that pulls her into the heart of the mysterious Woods. Will she risk it all for her dream of excess cash, or will she settle for her humble life?

There is more to the game that meets the eye, as players have to manage multiple aspects of Elise’s daily life to stay alive. All decisions matter. During the daytime, strengthen her bond with fellow villagers and work by playing mini-games. When the moon rises, keep her fed, healthy, and sane during multiple encounters with deadly foes in the Woods.

Kieferberg is a small, devout village. Elise will have to carefully navigate relationships to avoid arousing suspicion of witchcraft; if this happens, she’ll be left in the woods to die. Despite being such a religious town, the entire cast of romanceable characters are women; unlock dreamy date scenes and storylines for each of them.

Developed by AstralShift and published by Square Enix Collective, Little Goody Two Shoes will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series on October 31.

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