So… 90s anime meets horror fairy tale? That sure is a game concept

It's not Red Riding Hood, but I'll take it.

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Little Goody Two Shoes is a blend of horror, 90s anime aesthetics, and classic fairytales. It’s also an RPG being published by the Square Enix Collective, and it might just be my most anticipated game of 2023 now.

The game is being developed by AstralShift, a Portuguese studio that was previously behind Pocket Mirror (an expanded version of which is currently in development for Steam as well). It’s not a massive resume, but the developers did catch the attention of the collective, and that initiative has discovered the likes of Tokyo Dark, Forgotton Anne, and Children of Zodiarcs, so they can spot talent.

Little Goody Two Shoes itself is being billed as a homage to PSOne and PS2 RPGs. You’ll play as Elise, who needs to complete tasks during the day to further her goal to get wealthy and escape her peasant’s life, but at night avoid the horrors that come out to play. For now, there’s just a collection of tiny clips posted to social media to show off the game, as well as some artwork, but that’s been more than enough to catch our attention.

This one is firmly on the “to watch” list.

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