Sunshine Manor is (finally) coming to consoles

Pixel perfect horror.

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The key art for Sunshine Manor, done in a cartoon style. A red-headed girl with glasses is running from six demons and ghosts, with more eyes gleaming red in the background.

Sunshine Manor blends hand-drawn pixel graphics and an 80s-inspired soundtrack; that combination is quite tantalising to someone of my age (I may or may not be nearing 40, which is just about as scary as Sunshine Manor looks to be). Add that to the fact it’s also inspired by 80s horror films, and you’ve got the perfect combination for something to play in the lead-up to Halloween. So the timing here is just right: Sunshine Manor will be released for consoles in early October.

Play as reluctant adventurer Ada as she accepts the challenge to spend one night in the infamously haunted Sunshine Manor. As she explores, she’ll use unique psychic powers when encountering ghosts, demons, and other spooks. The end goal is to banish all the evil entities threatening her life while also uncovering the mysteries kept within the manor’s walls.

Ada will travel between the mortal and demon realms while trying to outwit the evil Shadow Man, who tends to watch and wait for the perfect opportunity to attack. She will have to solve puzzles along the way.

The game adds to the lore in the Sunshine universe. The sinister, outrageously weird story builds up to the events of the Camp Sunshine massacre. If you’re not familiar with Camp Sunshine, it’s a game with similar graphics and inspiration that was first released in October 2016. In that game, follows Jez as he is dropped off at summer camp, only to awaken in the middle of the night to blood everywhere and a rampaging killer on the loose. Camp Sunshine was the first game in the Sunshine universe, while Sunshine Manor is only the second (and its a prequel).

Developed by Fossil Games and published by Hound Picked Games, Sunshine Manor will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on October 6. It is currently available for PC via Steam, where it launched in October 2021.

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