Eastasiasoft is physically publishing Cosmo Dreamer & Like Dreamer: Double-D Collection for Nintendo Switch

Two games, one game cartridge.

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Who doesn’t love two Japanese shoot’em ups with some racy visuals? Cosmo Dreamer first launched in 2020, while Like Dreamer launched in 2022. Both are currently available digitally for Nintendo Switch, but I think we all understand that physical copies are best for preservation. Yes, I’m saying this (again) on a site called DigitallyDownloaded.net. Digital copies of games have their perks, from taking up almost no storage space to the ease of downloading the instant they’re launched. But digital games sometimes get lost as new platforms are introduced, making physical games ideal when it comes to longevity. That’s why this announcement is so great. Eastasiasoft will be bringing both games to Nintendo Switch on a single game cartridge in Cosmo Dreamer & Like Dreamer: Double-D Collection.

There will be both standard and Limited Editions available. The standard edition is simply the game(s). The Limited Edition includes the game(s), a manual, sticker sheets, and art book, a poster, and a numbered certificate in a collector’s box. And when they say limited, they mean it: only 1000 Limited Editions will be produced. Pre-orders open at Playasia on September 14 at 11:00 p.m. Hong Kong time (11:00 a.m. ET for those in North America).

In Cosmo Dreamer, a young girl ventures out into the universe driven by pure curiousity. She’ll face various hurdles and fierce foes while also meeting new friends and saying difficult goodbyes. The game is said to be perfectly balanced so that everyone, from beginners to professional snipers, will be able to enjoy it. Then there’s Like Dreamer, centered around a popular danmaku social network. Players will dodge bullets in various virtual settings, earning Likes and Followers depending on their mad skills.

Both games offer the ability to customise shots, bombs, and more. There is a stage selection system, letting players access stages easily and giving them the ability to enjoy each level at its fullest. There are three difficulties available, each tailored to a different set of abilities. The two-in-one cartridge also offers bonus game modes, extras for the gallery, and a built-in achievement system.

Developed by Outside and published for this physical release by Eastasiasoft in partnership with Waku Waku Games, Cosmo Dreamer & Like Dreamer: Double-D Collection will be released for Nintendo Switch.

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