Don’t Nod to publish hand-drawn adventure game Koira

There's a puppy!

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The key art for Koira.

I’m most fond of Don’t Nod for its developed games; I don’t think anyone can disagree that Life is Strange is absolutely iconic (though has now gone to other developers, namely Deck Nine), and I’m very fond of Tell Me Why. So far it has only published one outside game, Gerda: A Flame in Winter. But that catalog is about to explained with hand-drawn adventure game Koira.

Koira is an enchanting and wholesome game about a forest spirit and her newfound puppy companion. What is there to not love about that?! They’ll embark on musical and magical adventures together, relying on their unique abilities to protect each other from lurking danger and overcome challenges. It’s said to be an emotional and memorable experience.

The art for the game is absolutely the first thing I notice about it – it’s somewhat dark, yet also happy, if that makes sense. It’s all 2D hand-drawn art and animation that brings the world to life. The game also features an original score that enhances its heartwarming atmosphere and poetic narrative.

“We’re so happy to support and work with Studio Tolima on Koira,” said Don’t Nod’s CEO Oskar Guilbert in a press release. “It’s a 2D, hand-drawn project that we think fits in well with Don’t Nod’s portfolio and we can’t wait to be able to share more in the future.”

“We are thrilled to officially announce Koira and our co-production with Don’t Nod,” said Studio Head and Game Director at Studio Tolima, Ben Laga, in the same press release. “Koira is an evocative experience that explores the theme of friendship with a little puppy. Through a thoughtful and minimalistic approach, our story comes to life relying on the powerful combination of expressive hand-drawn graphics and a poignant original soundtrack. This game is our love letter to the medium and we can’t wait to start sharing more details about it.”

Developed by Studio Tolima and published by Don’t Nod, Koira will be released for PC via Steam in 2025. The game can be added to wishlists here, though note the title there is different (for now).

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  • Have you played Gerda? Don’t Nod is genuinely my favourite developer and Gerda can stand next to any of don’t nod’s own games imo. So they’ll get my money whatever they put out next.

    • I really need to catch up on Don’t Nod. I must admit I haven’t played anything from the company since Life is Strange 1 and Vampyr (both games I absolutely adored).

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