Play as an itty bitty Norse god in Tiny Thor, coming to Nintendo Switch

Use the mini-Mjölnir to defeat enemies.

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The key art for Tiny Thor.

Ever since the MCU, Thor has seemed basically exclusive to Marvel. It’s really nice to see the Norse god getting his time to shine without all the Marvel narrative getting in the way, getting back to the original mythology. The game, which features 16-bit graphics, focuses around using the mini-Mjölnir to lead the little god through 26 challenging levels.

Explore the mythical realm of Asgard, adventuring across the hand-crafted levels. The diminutive deity will encounter tricky environmental puzzles and almighty adversaries, including Kraken and the infamous trickster Loki. Being tiny doesn’t stop Thor from being mighty with the help of the mini-Mjölnir. Players can aim the ricocheting weapon to overcome obstacles and succeed in boss battles. There are also special abilities to bestow upon Thor, and challenge levels to test his godliness even more.

There are some pretty big names attacked to Tiny Thor, including veteran pixel artist Henk Nieborg (the Shantae series; DDNet’s review of the first game can be read here) and composer Chris Hulsbeck.

“We’re very happy that the mightiest, but tiniest, god of thunder is making his way onto the Nintendo Switch,” said Jochen Heizmann, Asylum Square co-founder, in a press release. “Not only does it open up Tiny Thor to a whole new audience, but the ability to take his adventure on the go means that you can embody the diminutive demigod and continue his quest from anywhere.”

In addition to the new Nintendo Switch version, the game’s PC version will be getting an update on July 31 to introduce bug fixes and an optional “accessibility mode” to make gameplay easier for beginners. (I’d argue this is good for more than beginners but that’s who is being targeted with the update.)

Developed by Asylum Square and published by IndieForge (a part of Gameforge), Tiny Thor will be released for Nintendo Switch on August 3. It first launched for PC via Steam/Epic on June 5.

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