Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is coming to PC

It is currently available for Nintendo Switch.

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Adventurers, unite! The King, Princess Penny, and Cash the dog need your help in Dokapon Kingdom: Connect, a hybrid RPG/board game. I’ve been writing about on the regular for months now, leading to its May 2023 release for Nintendo Switch. Soon enough, players will be able to become Dokapon royalty on an entirely new platform: PC. It is considered a port of the Nintendo Switch version; As it is, Dokapon Kingdom: Connect is a remake of a PlayStation 2/Nintendo Wii title.

In his review for the Nintendo Switch version of Dokapon Kingdom: Connect, Matt described the game as “very niche,” but also “silly, whacky, colourful, and charming. If you start it expecting a pure board game, you may be disappointed. If you go in expecting an RPG disguised as a board game, you’re better primed for it.

The ultimate goal is to become Dokapon royalty by liberating towns, gathering gold, planking your friends, and eventually marrying a princess. But beware: friendships can fall to the wayside with a single spin of the roulette. The game can be played solo or with up to three friends.

Everyone in the Kingdom loves money. The once-peaceful land is attacked by monsters. The economy collapses. People can’t pay their taxes. And that’s no good for the king, who wants that sweet money to start flowing again. So he gathers the bravest warrior to rescue the towns being attacked so he can get paid once again. The one who collects the most will be given the Princess’ hand in marriage and the thrown.

The game features five game modes and a massive game board. The game modes are Normal, Story, Shopping Race, Kill Race, and town race. The kingdom spans a whopping seven continents, leaving lots of room for shenanigans to take place. Players can choose from 11 job classes, such as Warrior or Magician. Then level up the character, purchasing and stealing items to use to your advantage.

Developed by Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and Sting (and published by Idea Factory International), Dokapon Kingdom: Connect will be released for PC via Steam in “fall” 2023, also known as Q4. It is currently available for Nintendo Switch. The English version will have English voiceover and text, whereas the Japanese version will have Japanese voiceover and text.

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