The first gameplay video for Farming Simulator 23 has arrived

Create a farm in your pocket.

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A screenshot of a blue machine working on a field in Farming Simulator 23.

I had never played a farming sim until I played Farm Manager 2022, and now I’m intrigued by just about all of them. While DDNet hasn’t reviewing the Farming Simulator franchise since the 2019 version, Matt had good things to say. There hasn’t been a title since 2020’s, so there’s likely a lot changed since then. Today, the 15-year-old series got a new trailer for its next title, Farming Simulator 23.

Farming Simulator 23 promises to fiercely expand the scope, gameplay possibilities, and features list compared to its predecessors. The goal seems to be making it playable on-the-go. Players choose their way of farming: agriculture, animal husbandry, or forestry. Different types of machines help with all farm activities; there are over 100 authentic vehicles and tools represented from popular brands like John Deere.

Chickens have been added to the previous animal roster of cows, horses, pigs, and sheep. There are 14 crops to harvest, including three new ones: grapes, olives, and sorghum. When you’re tired of working, take a stroll and search for collectibles. There are two unique maps to explore, Amberstone and Neubrunn. Each is inspired by environments in the USA and Europe.

New gameplay mechanics allow various production chains: flour to bread, wood to furniture, and wool to clothes, for example. Plowing and weeding offer new activities and additional options for cultivation. There is an improved tutorial mode and a new auto-loading feature for logs and pallets.

“Whether in the chicken coop, on the field or when transporting goods, the various possibilities in Farming Simulator 23 ensure rich diversity and limitless fun,” states Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at Giants Software, in a press release earlier this year. “We’re happy to deliver our fans the next installment in the series; Farming Simulator 23 is poised to become an impressive mobile platform milestone in our company line-up.”

Developed and published by Giants Software, Farming Simulator 23 will be released for mobile devices and Nintendo Switch on May 23.


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