Free-to-play game Life Makeover is now available worldwide

It's number one in China, Japan, and Singapore.

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A screenshot from Life Makeover of a woman in a black dress standing in front of a piano.

Every now and then a free-to-play game catches my eye. Right now, I’m looking at RPG social sim Life Makeover. It allows players to design their avatars, outfits, and home, all while experiencing an interactive story and social life. It’s also stunning. The game is already big in places like China, Japan, and Singapore; it gained over four million pre-registrations in the Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Those four million people are about to be very happy, because the game has now launched worldwide.

The game immerses players in a highly customizable world, where they can create an avatar (use your likeness or your imagination, anything goes) using options for body type, eye chase and colour, face contouring, height, makeup, and more. With the home system, players can build their dream house from foundation to decor. Do you want a tranquil farmhouse? A lavish penthouse? Something in between? It’s all possible. Players can then invite their friends over – or make new ones by meeting new players – for anything from tea parties to themed events.

What’s a makeover without clothes? Players can dress for any occasion. The game features thousands of outfits from exquisite couture to laid-back vintage. If there’s no outfit to suit a player’s needs, they can design their own clothing by choosing the fabric, cut, sewing, and print; there’s also the option to add details from existing outfits.

If you’ve pre-registered, you’re already ahead of the game: players have reached several pre-registration milestones, unlocking dozens of free rewards including outfits, gatcha tickets, furniture, and more. If you’re interested in playing and would like to meet some fellow players, check out the game’s official Discord.

Developed and published by Archosaur Games, Life Makeover is available now for iOS/Android. It offers language support in English, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.


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