Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition launching on PlayStation, Xbox consoles

Roll the dice, rule a realm.

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“Roguelike” and “city builder” aren’t often mashed together into a single genre, but that’s what Dice Legacy does as a roguelike survival city builder where players lead their realm by rolling dice. Harvard quite liked the original launch of Dice Legacy (his review here), and since then there have been three DLC releases for the game as well. Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition includes the base game and all DLC released to date, and will be released for PlayStation and Xbox next week.

Play as one of seven unlockable rules, leading your realm into prosperity or ruin by simply rolling the dice. Raise a population, guide your subjects into territories filled with threats and opportunities, and work with the Council to pass new policies that may alter the course of the playthrough.

Your dice are your people, and can be allocated to jobs. Keep them happy and healthy by providing food, drink, and medicinal herbs. Assign them to classes to gather resources, fight enemies, and develop your domain. Prevent starvation and sickness and prevent your dice from freezing wicked winter weather. Manage your people’s happiness while growing your realm, building structures to care for the classes. Pass policies proposed by the Council, remembering to balance improvements and the happiness of your people.

In the game, the protagonist lands on the shores of an uncharted continent to embark on a quest to rule over a prosperous realm. They also wants to explore these new lands and unearth wicked secrets hidden in the mists of a steampunk world. Discover ancient mysteries, veiled civilizations, a powers said to be able to alter destiny.

The three included DLC are titled Memories, Forging a Realm, and A Storm is Coming. Corrupted Fates, an expansion pack, is also included.

Developed and published by DestinyBit, Dice Legacy: Definitive Edition will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on May 26. The original version is currently available for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.


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