Celebrate the Miniverse’s 10th anniversary with added content to Mini Motorways and Mini Metro

New maps and features will be added soon.

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I remember back when Mini Metro came out. It was 2014. I was completely obsessed and playing it late into the night. I still return to it every now and then, though I’ve definitely lost some of my skills. Its sister game (not a sequel but very much in the same vein) Mini Motorways launched in 2019 (alongside Apple Arcade), and I was also obsessed with it for a bit. The developer, Dinosaur Polo Club, is revving up to its Miniverse’s tenth anniversary; the celebration includes a fan-based vote winner and two more cities coming to Mini Motorways in addition to trains, and three new cities coming to Mini Metro.

Mini Metro was first created for a Ludum Dare Game Jam in 2013, by the developer which was founded by two brothers. Their mission was to create games giving simple everyday concepts, designed for anyone. I’d argue they were exceedingly successful at that! So that makes 2013 the tenth “Miniversary” for what started as Mini Metro and grew to also include Mini Motorways.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since Mini Metro first came into the world! To see how this Mini-vision has expanded into something truly massive has been indescribable, and we owe a massive thanks to our incredible community of players,” said Ben Emerson, Marketing Coordinator of Dinosaur Polo Club, in a press release. “Our players have shared so many special moments with us, from connecting families during hard times to easing anxiety after a long day and even a marriage proposal. It’s a special milestone to celebrate with our players and bring so many exciting crossover maps and features into both games for everyone to enjoy.”

Let’s start with what’s coming to Mini Motorways, since its update will be a bit bigger. Fans voted from 30 nominated Mini Metro maps that they’d like to see cross over to Mini Metro. The top four were Hong Kong, London, New York City, and Paris. The winner? New York City! So NYC will be added in the Miniversary Update, along with two other surprise cities: London and Dubai. These three new maps will embrace one of the most requested features by players: trains!

Mini Metro cannot be left out of the celebration, since it’s what started the Miniverse to begin with. Three new maps will be added: Tokyo, Warsaw, and Lisbon. Each is just begging to be organized by rail system and will offer fans fresh challenges.

Developed and published by Dinosaur Polo Club, Mini Motorways is available for Apple Arcade, PC/Mac via Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Mini Metro is available for Apple Arcade, iOS/Android, PC/Mac via Steam, and Nintendo Switch. The Miniversary Update will be available as a free content update on July 24.


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