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Dokapon Kingdom Connect announced for Nintendo Switch 1

With every new trailer for Dokapon Kingdom: Connect, I get more excited for the digital board game. One of my favourite things in playing Mario Party with my spouse, and I’m definitely going to convert that time spent into Dokapon Kingdom: Connect time. Today, Idea Factory International released a new trailer for the game that’s all about making money for the king, as well as some information about various jobs and characters.

Everyone in Dokapon Kingdom loves money, especially the king. One day, monsters appeared and began attacking towns. This caused the economy to collapse, and people were at their lower. There was also no money to pay taxes. So the king decides to take action, gathering the bravest warriors around to rescue these towns. The one who collects the money money wins the throne and the princess’ hand in marriage.

Anything goes in Doakpon Kingdom: Connect! The only way to win is to get more money than anyone else. The game plays like a board game: at the beginning of each turn, a player spins the roulette. Then they’ll move that number of spaces, and something will happen where they land: they’ll get items or money, or need to fight monsters… or each other. Winning against monsters gifts experience points and items. In town spaces, monsters are in control; defeat the monsters to liberate the town. You’ll want to liberate as many as possible so they pay their taxes to you! Land on the same space as an opponent, and you’ll fight directly. Win to take things like money and towns away from them.

In addition to the above trailer, the Dokapon Kingdom: Connect was also updates with information on two advances jobs and some of the people of the Kingdom. The two advanced jobs are Robo Knight and Hero. A Robo Knight is a skilled fighter’s mind in a sturdy steel body that can reflect attacks. A Hero is the job everyone wants; it’s just plain cool! As for the people of the kingdom: there’s Leane the Village Girl, Robo-Sassin, Gutz the Blacksmith, and Kira the Merchant.

Developed by Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and Sting (and published by Idea Factory International), Dokapon Kindgom: Collect will be released for Nintendo Switch on May 9.


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