Spiderweb Software looks to Kickstarter to finance a new remaster

The greatest of indie RPG developers is back for even more.

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Geneforge 2 remaster announced

Spiderweb Software is one of the all-time great names in independent development. It has had a 30-year history, focused entirely on making classical isometric RPGs for a fanbase that has been ravenous and supportive of its work. Now it’s looking to remake one of its all-time great titles, and is using Kickstarter to finance it.

The game is Geneforge 2, which was originally released way back in 2003. It’s now looking very long in the tooth, so Spiderweb is looking to raise $30,000 from Kickstarter to modernise it. Given that the previous Spiderweb Kickstarter (for Geneforge 1) exceeded its goal by $50,000, it’s a safe bet that this one will do just fine, too (and before Geneforge it successfully Kickstarted Queens Wish, too)

The remaster will involve a visual upgrade, as well as improvements to the combat system, new characters, storylines, abilities and monsters. The game itself will remain largely the same, as it was a pioneering title back in the day that fundamentally holds up well, but this will be an enhancement to get fans invested in it all over again.

The Kickstarter opens later this month. In the meantime, enjoy the introduction trailer, below:

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