Meg’s Monster is an indie JRPG with a difference – coming soon!

How much do you bet this will be a tear-jerker?

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Digitally Downloaded covers the news that Meg's Monster has a release date.

Odencat isn’t exactly a household name, but this Japanese studio, behind the likes of Fishing Paradiso and Bear’s Restaurant, has been steadily building up a reputation for interesting ideas, executed well. The team’s next game is called Meg’s Monster, and it’s got a lot of promise.

The game’s concept is “if she cries, the world dies.” You play as Roy, a nearly invincible monster with 99,999 HP. However, while he’s effectively impossible to kill, it’s the other character that you need to watch out for. Meg is a little girl that absolutely cannot stand seeing her guardian injured. As he takes damage, her mental state declines, and if it reaches zero, she’ll cry, instantly destroying the entire world.

So it’s up to Roy and another monster, Golan, to keep the girl happy as well, by giving her toys and gifts (and trying to avoid getting damaged as much as possible). This could just be another way of doing a health bar, of course. However, it has the real potential to be a unique and reflective approach to JRPG combat, so we’re willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

There’s not long to wait, either! The game releases on March 2 on PC (via Steam), Mac, Linux, Xbox and Switch. And, yes, it will be compatible with the Steam Deck.

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