C-Smash VRS is a Sega classic, reimagined

Somehow both stimulating and relaxing

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A screenshot from C-Smash VRS.

Squash meets block-breaking puzzles in C-Smash VRS, described as a complete reimagining of Sega’s iconic title. Prepare to be sore in the best of ways after playing this full-body experience at the end of space and time. VR isn’t normally something I’m interested in, but this actually sounds pretty fun (and physically demanding). It promises dozens of levels of fun and fitness.

C-Smash VRS combines a low-gravity form as squash (and other racket sports, including tennis and paddle ball) with timed block-breaking challenges. Dash and duck from one side to the other while performing intense shots and trick smashes; it’s also important to use the walls. Play alone or with a friend in a variety of online versus and co-op modes. There is also Infinity mode, an “ultimate workout.”

Intuitive controls, finger detection, 3D audio, and haptics combine to make the basics easy to learn while leaving the player fully immersed within minutes. The goal is to transport their entire body to a completely new universe, creating a total mind/body experience. Basically, it’s fitness without stress: build up a sweat but also, have fun.

This game is the second collaboration between director Jörg Tittel and the developer, Wolf & Wood. The first is The Last Worker (I wrote about it as part of last year’s Guerrilla Collective 3 Showcase), which is coming soon to PC, consoles and PS VR2. C-Smash VRS is built from the ground up by these VR pioneers alongside an international team of artists, designers, and musicians.

Music is just as important as the action, with original tracks by DJ Ken Ishii (Rex Infinite) and synth master Danalogue (frontman of The Comet is Coming and Soccer 96). The soundtrack created a kind of pulse to the game’s environment and the players body. The publisher says this is “a new form of synesthesia.”

Developed by Wolf & Wood an produced/published by RapidEyeMovers, C-Smash VRS will be released for PS VR2 sometime this year. A demo will drop on March 23.

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