Born of Bread, the bread-themed RPG, is coming soon to PC!

Sourdough > all. Just sayin'.

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Digitally Downloaded reports on Born Of Bread, an all-new bread-themed RPG

Oh, bread. One of the greatest foods of all time. There’s a reason we have a saying “better than sliced bread.” It’s because very few things are. And with that as background, the exciting news today is that Born of Bread, a bread-themed RPG, is coming soon.

Developed by WildArts, a small-time French Canadian indie development studio, and published by Dear Villagers, Born of Bread is a turn-based cartoony family-friendly RPG. Its aim is to bring us right back to the days when action could be wholesome and charming for adults and children alike.

You play as a flour golem, Loaf (excellent name), who is exploring its surroundings and interacting with the townsfolk of a distant, unfamiliar world. You’ll soon discover countless mischievous villains from a distant time that are wreaking havoc upon everyone, and then you’re given the task of teaming up with the buddies that you’ll meet along the way to neutralise them.

In addition to its straightforward and open story, allowing for expansive dialogue, NPC interactions, and side-stories (of which there are many), Born of Bread is another example of a contemporary take on the 2.5D Paper Mario-themed illustrated-CG art style, with WildArts and Dear Villagers going so far as to list that classic Nintendo RPG, as well as Undertale, as some of its major inspirations. As WildArts’ lead designer and programmer Nicholas Lamarche said, it’s a really nostalgic “love letter to family-friendly RPGs of yore.”

Unfortunately for console gamers, Born of Bread is only planned for a PC release at this stage. If you’ve got a Steam account good to go, you can expect this one to land in Summer 2023 (Winter for those of us in the southern hemisphere).

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