Papergames’ next upcoming release is Project: The Perceiver – a Soulslike set in China

It's a new Chinese souls!

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Papergames is a Chinese development studio that up until this point hasn’t really been known for mainstream releases. Ths company’s line-up has, in fact, largely considered of otome visual novels and dress-up games for mobile. For this new one, though, the team is aiming higher.

Project: The Perceiver is a story of melancholic bloodshed set in an era of chaos in historical China. It follows a reluctant protagonist’s own call to arms in response to a newfound evil regime that has swept across his homeland. As the player, you must hack and slash your enemies as you journey to put an end to all this chaos and restore some sense of order back into the lands around you.

And of course, like any good modern story, the line between good and evil will become blurred, and when you and your opponents are utilising distinctive masks to unleash otherworldly talents and powers, you may find yourself having to peer into your own shadow to come out on top.

Behind all of the flashy effects and visuals in the seven-minute trailer – which really does look quite spectacular – Project: The Perceiver is clearly a Souls-inspired open-world action game, and while that’s becoming an increasingly difficult space to stand out in, this developer seems to have something, with the different setting and some visual flair.

We don’t have too many further details at this stage, but you can expect Project: The Perceiver to release on multiple platforms, including the PS4 and PS5.

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