7 Days to End with You is coming to Switch next year

Words mean nothing and everything.

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I’m not sure how the initial launch of 7 Days to End with You slipped past me, but it did. The puzzle/visual novel game is all about language, and what does a games journalist love more than games and words? Very little. In a place where you don’t know the language, how do you decipher words and conversions?

The game is a unique take on both of its genres. You’re in a world where you don’t understand a syllable of the local language. The person in front of you is using this language to communicate with you, and understanding them is like building a puzzle piece by piece. How the relationship progresses depends on the words interpreted, and the story is built on the same thing. To put it short: the person you’re with speaks a language you don’t understand, so deduce the meaning of each word to discover the story hidden beneath.

The world changes according to the deductions. Their story could be short and simple, or long and peculiar. Both stories could even exist at the same time. Since the story is only complete with interpretation, every story interpreted is correct. As the game’s description reads, “this is a long and a short story, of only seven days.”

The Nintendo Switch version of 7 Days to End with You is optimized for the console, and comes with slightly different endings as well as a brand new exclusive ending. There are also improved translations and a gallery unlock function (after clearing the game).

Developed by Lizardry and published by Playism, 7 Days to End with You will be released digitally for Nintendo Switch in Q1 2023. It was first released for mobile devices and PC in February 2022.


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