Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters launches in January

Here are the edition details!

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A screenshot from Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters.

Idea Factory announced the release date for RPG Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters today, which is incredible exciting. It also announced what the different versions include; there’s digital standard and Deluxe, and physical standard and Limited. The game actually has a strange link to the pandemic, in my opinion. Maybe I’m just thinking too much?

Play as the Goddess Candidates, led by Nepgear, who have woken up from a two-year sleep to a strange Gameindustri that’s been upended by a threat called the Trendi Phenomenom. While they were asleep, citizens have become obsessed with a device called the rPhone, as they can’t leave their homes while monsters lurk outside. There’s the pandemic link: being stuck inside with nothing but our electronic devices for communication with the outside world. Intentional or not, it’s still a bit of a sore spot for many – and the game may help cope with those pent-up feelings.

Now let’s talk editions, starting with digital. There’s the standard version, which is the game. The console Deluxe Edition includes the game, a swimsuit costume set, a digital art book, an original soundtrack, and four avatars. The PC Deluxe Edition includes the game, a swimsuit costume set, a digital art book, an original soundtrack (plus art), five PC wallpapers and 13 mobile wallpapers, and a PC theme.

A shot of everything included with the Limited Edition of Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters, including art book, steel game case, game, collector's box, soundtrack, trading card, and large mousepad.

I know it’s a bit weird to be talking about physical editions on a site called Digitally Downloaded, but I actually quite like this one (partially because it’s blue and purple, which is a great colour combination). Of course, there’s the standard edition which is just the game. But the Limited Edition is where its at. It includes the game, a steel game case, a hardcover art book, an official soundtrack, a large mousepad, a collector’s box, and an exclusive trading card.

Developed by Idea Factory and Compile Heart, and published by Idea Factory, Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 on January 24, 2023. All versions of the game are now available for pre-order; the digital versions are available at each platform’s respective store, while the physical versions are available through the IFI Online Stores.


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    • Mousepads have become a kind of collectible in the anime fanservice space. Most people who collect them do so for the art rather than the utility.

      Heck the mousepads of my characters have actually been the top sellers, haha

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