Kowloon Highschool Chronicle’s deep, dark secrets are coming soon to PC

Dungeon crawlin' and skirt chasin' - life for this particular student is tough!

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Kowloon High School Chronicles is coming to PC

This upcoming November is a big month for gaming in 2022 in all genres and walks of life, but, if you haven’t yet been spoiled enough for options, we present to you Kowloon Highschool Chronicle!

Kowloon Highschool Chronicle has always been an interesting case of early 2000s Japanese gaming lore, being quite well loved in its homeland while also being relatively obscure elsewhere… probably due to its lack of an initial English localisation until just last year in 2021 for the Switch, and early this year for the PS4.

It’s a dungeon-crawler RPG, following the story of a treasure hunter going undercover as an exchange student to explore rich-filled ruins beneath the school. So, in addition to the dungeon crawling and monster slaying, our hero needs to juggle all sorts of challenges, including the student council! Which is worse, we wonder (certainly not the monsters!)

It’s a fun and vibrant combination of the regular and irregular, known and unknown, high school drama and ancient exploration dangers, all while retaining the definitive brutality so well-known amongst these older titles! Also, you can choose to “lick” everyone as a dialogue response in the narrative sections. We highly recommend you go around school licking people.

As mentioned previously, Kowloon Highschool’s remaster of its original 2004 release is currently available on the PS4, and Switch, but if you’re more of a PC gamer, it’ll be made available on Steam on November 10, courtesy of publisher Arc System Works and developer Toybox (and if you want to get a sense for what the game is about, we streamed the first hour or so of the Switch version on release a year ago).

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