Catch up with our Monday night stream: Star Ocean The Second Story (Part 2)

Square Enix, when are you going to remake this one, huh?

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Star Ocean Stream

NOTE: THIS RECORDING STARTS ABOUT 5 MINUTES AFTER THE BROADCAST: You’ll hear me trying to figure out something at the very start. I had the most horrible sound feedback at the start of the broadcast last night, so this video had been edited to remove that bit. The rest of the video is as was streamed. Apologies for that!

We didn’t exactly see much action in the first Star Ocean 2 stream that we did – this game has a long introduction. So this week on the stream we continue on and check out the combat and “gameplay” bits.

As it turns out, I had enormous difficulty with the combat at first (have a good laugh at me getting the “game over” screen a half dozen times!), but then I get the hang of things and make some good progress in the adventure.

Come join me in celebrating all things Star Ocean!

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